Agent Benefits

Exclusive Academy Agent Benefits 

These businesses will be spending thousands of dollars every month to make this program a huge success for you and for them.

You have no obligation in working with any of these businesses, their target market is the consumer just as yours. That’s why they are spending so much money to attract the consumer to the website and to the Exclusive Academy


Our main goal is to create multiple photography and social media postings every month at gatherings and events and showcase you in social media as a real estate influencer, a community expert, and a hometown authority. 

We have a full-time social media team, photography team, and video team in place to increase your business. My social media team is here to complement your social media business.

Our Mindset: “It does not cost any more money to work with the Best”

First, we will be putting on multiple private events every month and throughout the year to honor you. At each event I will have our social media team and photographer there to showcase you


We want to honor and endorse you in

Client care and customer satisfaction

Being a great role model and team player in business

Your commitment to the community

And of course, your production and being one of the best in R/E

You will be promoted Instagram, linked in, Facebook, Google and our video filming on YouTube


Website: The exclusive academy walk of fame spotlighting you. Your link will have four buttons: Welcome text, link to your website, video of you and/or your team, community events that you are involved in

Gala: We will then be promoting you at our private red carpet gala event with our social media and our photography team on hand promoting your outstanding client care mindset

Awards: Up next is our Academy awards live event promoting you as the best of the best in real estate and us presenting awards to you and the others with a strong emphasis on you being so community and client minded.

4 personal Videos of you: Throughout the year we will create short video’s interviewing you that will be distributed throughout the year discussing your thoughts on client care and customer satisfaction, being a positive role model, the importance of community involvement, and of course your great production

Exclusive Academy Showcase: Providing exclusive listing showcase’s promoting you and your listing if selected. Promoting you as a team player with other top agents

Zoom: Social media professor showing the upcoming changes in the industry

Zoom: Think Tank/Mastermind meeting

 Zoom: Business coaches teach you to think more like a CEO